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New Language

This program is a new programming language I made that is meant for programming projects that will be used in the console. this programming language only uses 9 charachters and the numbers 0-9. the program show in the picture is a program that prints "hello world!".

How it works

this program is an interprter for a language with the following commands:

  • > : move memory pointer up one spot
  • < : move memory pointer down one spot
  • + : add one to the value of the memory loc
  • - : subtract one from the value of the memory loc
  • = : switch between int and String mode
  • ? : ask for input from the user
  • ^ : output the value of the current memory loc
  • . : go to a new line for the output
  • |x| : repeat the previous action x times
  • Connect4

    the goal of connect 4 is to get 4 pieces in a row horizontially, vertically, or diagonally. you will put a piece on the board by dropping dow in a specific collumn. in this version of the game you can also change the settings including: number in a row to win, number of rows on the board, and number of columns on the board. this game is played in the console of the code editor.

    How it works

    First the program creates a 6x7 array to represent the board, then game enters an infinte loop that lets you drop a piece into one of the collumns. The program breaks the loop when one of the players has 4 pieces in a row in any direction.